Anorexia Nervosa

Anorexia Nervosa
Are Thoughts of Food & Weight Ruling Your Life?
Don't Let those Thoughts Weigh you Down!

Resilience DBT & Eating Recovery is a team of Outpatient Eating Disorder Therapists in New Jersey, Florida, and Maryland. Our therapists are ready and equipped with clinical services to provide healing. Resilience DBT & Eating Recovery is uniquely designed to provide the best anorexia nervosa treatment. We know that this disease can affect both men and women, and are proud to be an inclusive treatment provider. Additionally, we recognize that the onset of anorexia nervosa occurs during the adolescent years. Because of this, we can provide anorexia nervosa treatment to individuals of all ages. In our treatment program, we utilize a variety of treatment approaches including Family Based Treatment.

This approach is ideal for individuals who are in the early stages of an eating disorder and can be implemented in the convenience of your home. Another common approach used is Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, also known as DBT. This treatment approach will teach you mindfulness strategies, emotion regulation skills, distress tolerance, interpersonal effectiveness, and middle ground. All of which can help those struggling with anxiety, mood swings, impulsiveness, anger management, and unhealthy thought patterns.

CBT-E is an approach designed for older adolescents and adults. This approach occurs over 20-40 weeks, depending on your unique needs. This approach will target your unhealthy thinking and behaviors in a compassionate way. If you find yourself worried about your own struggle with anorexia nervosa, or that of a loved one, we encourage you to contact Resilience DBT & Eating Recovery to learn more about our treatment options. 

Warning Signs of Anorexia:

Thinness without Vibrancy
Intense Pre-occupation with Food, Weight, and Body Size
Eliminating Food Groups
Rigid Thinking around "Healthy Eating"
Ritualistic eating behaviors
Social Withdrawal
Exercise that is Compulsive and Driven
Increased Mental Health Symptoms of Depression or Anxiety
Mood Changes such as increased irritabiility
New reluctance to eat in front of others
Dishonesty with Self and Others

Dysregulated eating patterns
Frequent bathroom trips or long showers
Compensatory behaviors such as purging, laxatives, or excessive exercise

 For Women and Girls, Weight loss accompanied by cessation of menstruation for more than 3 months

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Body Image Dissatisfaction

Body Image is not how others see you, it is how you see yourself… from the inside…. in your mind’s eye. Body image is a complex, not a simple phenomenon, with many conscious and unconscious layers.

Take the ONE MINUTE Body Image Test

When you close your eyes and picture your body, what do you focus on first?….. Are your first images positive or negative?

DO FEELINGS AND THOUGHTS ABOUT YOUR BODY…. Influence your decisions to attend or avoid social situations?
Trigger restricting, binging or purging, or overeating?
Stimulate self-loathing or negative internal voices?Interfere with your relationships or career?
Prompt you to exercise or run daily, even when you are sick and over-tired?
Or prompt you to avoid exercise programs in the first place?
Cause you to obsess with, or continue with, cosmetic surgery?

If you have answered “yes” to at least half of these questions, individual and/or group therapy at Resilience Therapy may be beneficial for you. 
Resilience DBT & Eating Recovery is for Children, Adolescents, Adults

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