Who We Treat:

Who We Treat

Eating Disorders do not discriminate!

 We offer Eating Disorder Prevention and Treatment for Men and Women,
and Boys and Girls, in a Multi-Cultural Framework.
Resilience Therapy is Gender-Inclusive and is LGBTQ Friendly/Affirming

Athletes, particularly in weight-related sports

The pressure to perform and compete  is a common stressor for many athletes, dancers, and gymnasts. When there is an over-emphasis on body weight and shape, this can contribute to the development of an eating disorders.


A lifetime of "making weight" can cause dysregulation in  eating and mood.


Gymnastics is considered a weight-related sport. Staying healthy, focused, and eating for strength is important!


Runners need to stay strong and avoid REDS-S syndrome.

Ice Skating

Is another weight-related sport that has an incidence of eating disorders

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