Who We Treat:

Who We Treat

Eating Disorders do not discriminate!

 We offer Eating Disorder Prevention and Treatment for Men and Women,
and Boys and Girls, in a Multi-Cultural Framework.
Resilience Therapy is Gender-Inclusive and is LGBTQ Friendly/Affirming

When it comes to eating disorders, society often views them as an illness that only affects females. However, eating disorders are diagnosed more and more in males ranging from children to adults. 

Eating disorders prominently affect women and affect up to 85%-95% of individuals who suffer from anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa. Eating disorders revolve around eating and body weight, but are more often about control.

Doctors often overlook boys with eating disorders because of the stigma of having a "female disease." We want our clients to know that we do not discriminate and treat anyone with an underlying illness.

Social media heavily influences girls today and adds pressure to have their bodies look a certain way. Other possible influences for eating disorders include biological and psychological factors.

Athletes, particularly in weight-related sports

The pressure to perform and compete  is a common stressor for many athletes, dancers, and gymnasts. When there is an over-emphasis on body weight and shape, this can contribute to the development of an eating disorders.


A lifetime of "making weight" can cause dysregulation in  eating and mood.


Gymnastics is considered a weight-related sport. Staying healthy, focused, and eating for strength is important!


Runners need to stay strong and avoid REDS-S syndrome.

Ice Skating

Is another weight-related sport that has an incidence of eating disorders

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