DBT Skills Groups

Resilience DBT Skills Groups
 Fall 2021

Our Resilience DBT Skills Program offers the formal DBT skills set. Each group section meets weekly. The full curriculum takes 24 weeks and can be repeated for reinforcement. Admissions are rolling and group members are typically admitted at the beginning of a module. Resilience DBT Skills Groups incorporate Mindfulness Meditation, Stress Management, and the Expressive Arts Therapies for better self-care and richer self-expression.

For Young Adults, University Students,
and Recent High School Graduates

Emotion Regulation  *  Core Mindfulness  *  Distress Tolerance
 Interpersonal Skills  *  Middle Path

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DBT Skills- High School Students-"College Prep"

Thursdays 6:00 PM

Learning the formal DBT curriculum in a Multi-Family format is the gold standard. Parents first-hand knowledge of the DBT coping skills is the best way to be able to help your adolescent in the moment, in your home.

Comprehensive Adolescent DBT - The program that will improve your teens mental health and bring you closer together!

DBT Skills - Don't leave home without them!

DBT Skills for Young Adults & University Students

Young Men & Young Women

YEAR ROUND  - Mondays 6:00 PM

Has COVID-19 impacted your college experience?

During this COVID crisis, learning the complete DBT skill set in a supportive environment with like-minded peers, has never been more needed. 

Whether in school or on break, DBT skills can help you cope and have meaningful social connections at this time.

DBT Skills for Adult Women

Anxiety, Depression,& Trauma

Mondays 5:00 PM

This Adult DBT Skills group is for adult women in serious pursuit of better mental health functioning and overall sense of health and wellness. DBT Skills and mindfulness training helps you replace your Internal Critic, with Loving Kindness.

Improve your confidence, your calm, and your personal and professional relationships

DBT Skills for Parents

for Parents of High School, College Prep, University Students

Thursday 6:00pm

Managing the moods and mental health needs of your older teen or young adult, is not easy and there is no "manual". The current uncertainly of COVID, has complicated matters. Centering yourself first, is the best way to help your child.

DBT Skills for Parents - Manage your own stress and increase your parental effectiveness!

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