Eating Disorder Recovery Groups

Summer 2023

Eating Recovery Groups

Our years of experience with eating disorder recovery have taught us that for the recovery of eating disorder, one needs to identify one's emotions, and address the over-control or under-control of emotions and eating patterns or the dysregulation of emotions and eating patterns.

This is accomplished best in our Resilience DBT-ED Skills Group - the Eating Disorder Track

In the eating disorder track of our DBT Skills Groups, one can develop tools and skills to resolve the maintaining factors and target symptoms of eating disorder recovery.

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My Body, My Friend

DBT-ED for Eating Disorder Recovery
for Adolescents
/Concurrent Group for Parents
DBT-ED -The best of DBT Skills , CBT-E, and FBT


In a supportive and pro-recovery environment, teens will learn the formal DBT Skill set to improve their coping. CBT-E is an integral part of the group to address the target symptoms of eating disorder recovery. Find your  strength and resilience to fight the internal pull toward eating disorder thinking and behaviors. Support of the group is intended to counteract cultural messages that promote unrealistic and harmful beauty standards for body size and shape. The goal of the DBT-ED Skills Group is to have a normalized relationship with food and develop Body Positivity.

Don't Weigh your Self-Esteem!

Eating Disorder Recovery - Young Adults

for Young Adults & University Students

The Best of DBT Skills & CBT-E

Mondays  7:00 PM  

10 Weeks - June 1-Aug. 14
2 groups per week
Mondays 7 PM  and Thursdays 11AM

In this Pro-Recovery Skills Group, participants  will learn the complete DBT skill set integrated with CBT-E to learn skills and tools for managing emotions that make one vulnerable to eating disorder thinking and behaviors. Develop a positive body image and normalized relationship with food. Reclaim your personal power and...

Focus on Changing the World, not your Body!
Your energy is needed!

Eating Recovery
DBT-ED Skills Group
Adult Women

For Eating Disorder Recovery & Relapse Prevention


Our outpatient Eating Disorder Recovery group for adult women offers support for your daily challenges with food and pre-occupation around food and exercise. This group follows the formal DBT Skills modules for improved coping skills and integrates CBT-E for transdiagnostic approproach Anorexia, Bulimia, and Binge Eating Disorder. Our Multi-cultural orientation will help you understand the impact of cultural bias on beauty standards and body image.

Heal your Relationship with your Food, your Body Image, and place your personal Self-Care to the Top of your To-Do List

Parents/Caregivers Group

for Parents with Children, Adolescents, and College Students, in Family Based Treatment

Wednesdays 6:00pm or Thursdays 10:00am

This supportive weekly group is for parents to feel more empowered and get ideas and feedback from other parents on how to help your child, teen, or young adult, resolve eating disorder problems or behaviors. Protect the mental health of yourselves and your other children, while supporting your struggling child.

Take charge of the mealtimes in your household and support your child's growth - today!

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Eating  Recovery Groups

For Eating Disorder Recovery and Relapse Prevention for Anorexia, Bulimia, and Binge Eating Disorder