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Resilience Child, Teen & Family Counseling

Resilience Therapy Collaborative, LLC is here to help you strengthen and re-balance your family.

We are experienced Child/Family Therapists and take a developmental and biologic framework to help every member of the family grow and progress, separately and together.

Who We Help

Children And Adolescents

Pediatric and Adolescent Eating Disorders
Emotional Dysregulation
Anxiety/ Social Anxiety
Panic Disorder
Separation Anxiety
OCD and related disorders
Body Dysmorphia
Separation and Divorce


Anorexia, Bulimia, And Binge Eating Disorders
The Anxiety Disorders
The Depressive Disorders
Health/Medical Anxieties
Emotional Dysregulation
BiPolar Disorder
Borderline Personality Disorder Relationship Issues
Maternal Mental Health


Families in the process of separating or blending

Families experiencing loss and grief

Families with genetic history of emotional dysregulation

Families needing support and acceptance for the GLBTQQIAA experience

How We Treat

Traditional Individual, Child, and Family Therapy

Comprehensive DBT, Individual Therapy and Skills Groups, to address Emotional Dysregulation and co-existing mental health issues

Exposure Therapy - ERP

Exposure and Response Prevention, now considered to be the Gold Standard for many anxiety disorders, health anxieties, and phobias. ERP helps the individual face triggers and avoided situations in a systematic, supported, and efficient way.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is based on the concept of breaking the pattern of negative thoughts by dealing with issues in a positive way. CBT helps the individual break down an issue into smaller parts to prevent the feeling of being overwhelmed. A gradual process towards changed behavior is key in CBT.


Enhanced Cognitive Behavior Therapy, otherwise known as CBT-E is a universal treatment for all types of eating disorders. 

CBT-E provides treatment in four stages:
Stage One - Starting Well Stage
Two - Taking Stock 
Stage Three - Dietary Restraint
Stage Four - Ending Well


Family-Based Treatment, the Gold Standard for the early intervention in Pediatric and Adolescent Eating Disorders. FBT is one of the most successful therapies for all types of eating disorders. FBT does not blame the family, but rather encourages the family to come together as a support system.