Mindfulness Meditation &
Expressive Arts Therapies

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Mindfulness & Expressive Arts

The Resilience Therapy Collaborative DBT Teen and DBT Adult Programs are dedicated to using cutting edge and experiential modalities to aid in healing and furthering your personal journey. Mindfulness Meditation and Expressive Therapies utilize experiential learning and awareness of bodily felt emotions and sensations. We believe that the combination of DBT with Cognitive Change, experimental, being in the moment learning to be the broadest healing agent.

Mindfulness Meditation and Stress Reduction

Breathe, focus, being in the present moment, are tools for quieting stormy or racing thoughts. Guilt about yesterday or anxieties about the tomorrow can be calmed by being in the moment, being one-mindful. These experiential methods add to the Cognitive Behavioral therapy work to bring feelings and sensations to the foreground and make distress bearable.

Expressive Arts Therapies

The Expressive Arts Therapies are powerful and effective experiential modalities. Unexpressed emotions and thoughts can be out of awareness. Art, Movement, Music, and Psychodyamic Role Play can make emotions, bodily felt sensations, and thoughts more accessible. Once emotions, sensations, and thoughts are more accessible, one can better use the problem-solving methods of DBT and CBT.